Thursday, June 24, 2021

Apple is developing its own modem for future iPhones – Engadget


Apple has started developing its own cellular model this year, among the companys executives has actually revealed. According to Bloomberg, Apple hardware technologies SVP Johny Srouji told staff members in a meeting: “This year, we started the development of our first internal cellular modem which will make it possible for another key strategic transition. Long-term tactical financial investments like these are an important part of enabling our items and making certain we have a rich pipeline of ingenious innovations for our future.”
The tech giant presently uses Qualcomm cellular modems for its gadgets, including the iPhone 12. Apple and the chipmaker signed a six-year chipset deal in 2015 after settling a patent royalty conflict, so the next iPhones could still be geared up with Qualcomm-made parts. The business developing its own cellular modem doesnt come as a surprise, though: It bought the bulk of Intels smart device modem business for $1 billion back in 2019 after the chipmaker dropped its plans to make 5G modems for smart devices. Bloomberg says the company has actually been working with engineers from Qualcomm for rather some time now which it has teams in San Diego, Cupertino and Europe focused on cellular modem development.

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