Sunday, April 11, 2021

Apple is having iCloud device activation problems at the worst possible time – Engadget


It would not be shocking if the large volume of talented items was straight responsible. Device activations already tend to increase around Christmas no matter brand. When people are purchasing tablets to talk to far-off good friends or smart speakers to play music while working from home, that demand could easily increase during a pandemic.
Still, this certainly isnt great timing. It might sour the preliminary experience of Apple gadgets for many users, even if that feeling is likely to pass when activation works effectively. Lets simply hope this problem does not last much longer– and that comparable problems dont impact other makers.

We understand your mommy is eager to have everything working and appreciate you helping to set them up. We are experiencing a high capacity at this time which is affecting your ability to establish iCloud, please try back in a number of hours.— Apple Support (@AppleSupport) December 25, 2020

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