Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Apple just temporarily closed all 53 stores in California and over a dozen in London – The Verge


9to5Macs Michael Steeber discovered an interesting coincidence today: the business has actually temporarily closed every store in California, a lot more across the US, both shops in Mexico, both shops in Brazil, and is about to close 16 additional shops throughout the UK. As Steeber points out, thats almost 100 stores if we consist of ones it closed in Germany and the Netherlands recently, leaving nearly a fifth of the companys locations now closed worldwide.

Yesterday, California activated its emergency alert system in the SF Bay Area for the first time since the pandemic started, sending out a message directly to every phone to help people comprehend that a stay-at-home order is now in result.

Its not difficult to guess why the shops are reclosing, particularly in California where COVID-19 saw its four most dangerous days yet in a row recently as part of a continuous surge, and in London where Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just put the city in emergency lockdown beginning midnight. Apple verified the gist of it in a declaration: “Due to current Covid-19 conditions in a few of the neighborhoods we serve, we are briefly closing shops in these areas,” the business informed Bloomberg.

I checked Apples complete list of stores to validate, and sure adequate: every California shop, all four in Tennessee, all three in Utah, all four in Minnesota, two in Oklahoma, and the stores in Portland, Oregon; Anchorage, Alaska; Omaha, Nebraska; and Albuquerque, New Mexico are all closed this approaching week– along with the 16 additional shops in the UK, Mexico and Brazil beginning tomorrow, December 20th.

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