Friday, February 26, 2021

Apple’s old 29W chargers aren’t good enough for MagSafe Duo – The Verge


An Apple assistance page has verified that the companys brand-new MagSafe Duo wireless battery charger, which is developed to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch all at once, isnt suitable with its older 29W USB-C power adapter. If youre using an Apple power adapter its best to utilize among the businesss more recent 30W models, which replaced the 29W model in 2018 and retail for $49. Its an unfortunate discovery for anybody with the old battery chargers since the MagSafe Duo doesnt featured a charging brick in the box.

If you plug the MagSafe Duo into one of the older 29W bricks, Apples page does not state precisely what happens. MacRumors reports that if you do it will just be able to charge a single device, an iPhone or an Apple Watch, rather than both at once. The 29W brick appears to satisfy the wattage requirements of the MagSafe Duo, it obviously doesnt support the exact mix of volts and amps needed.

Working out MagSafes charging speeds is a little complicated

At this moment, exercising how fast each of Apples MagSafe accessories will charge your devices is a little bit complex. The basic MagSafe charger charges iPhones at up to 15W, and Apple suggests matching it with a $19 Apple 20W USB-C power adapter. The MagSafe Duo charger, on the other hand, provides up to a slightly lower 14W of charging when matched with a 27W or higher brick, so long as that brick supports 9V/3A. You get 11W of charging by matching it with a 20W power brick that supports 9V/2.22 A, and Apple says you need “at least 15W (5V/3A or 9V/1.67 A)” for the Duo to charge two devices all at once. The maximum charge is capped at 12W with the Duo if youre charging an iPhone 12 mini. Oh, and the optimum charge is also capped at 7.5 W if youre charging your phone with a Lightning device (like a set of headphones) plugged in.

Lots of devices have extremely particular requirements for the hardware you require to utilize to get the fastest charging speeds, so its difficult to blame Apple excessive here. I believe we can all concur that it could have made things much easier for clients if it consisted of a power brick in the box with its $129 wireless battery charger.

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