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COVID-19 in Illinois updates: Here’s what’s happening Thursday – Chicago Tribune


But even as city officials celebrated the news of impending vaccine approval, Mayor Lori Lightfoot alerted residents to follow public health guidance and not grow complacent because widespread community vaccination is still “many months away.

Heres whats happening Thursday with COVID-19 in the Chicago location and Illinois:

12:58 p.m.: Illinois reports 11,101 everyday COVID-19 cases, greatest in more than a week, and 196 deaths, third most because pandemic began

Since Wednesday night, there were 5,138 clients in Illinois medical facilities with COVID-19, 1,081 of them in extensive care and 606 on ventilators. Those figures are all below the start of the month.

Illinois on Thursday reported its greatest number of brand-new coronavirus cases in more than a week and the third-highest everyday death toll considering that the pandemic began.

The case positivity rate– the percentage of cases as a share of total tests– balanced 9.5% for the week ending Wednesday, down from 10.6% for the week ending Dec. 1.

The 196 fatalities reported Thursday bring the statewide death toll to 13,861 given that March. The only days with greater reported death tolls were Dec. 2, with 238, and Dec. 5, with 208. The record-setting overall on Dec. 2 was due in part to postponed reporting over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

The state has average 148 deaths daily over the past week.

The high numbers come 2 weeks after the Thanksgiving holiday that health officials fretted might be a COVID-19 superspreader event. One days numbers arent enough to show whether those fear came real however public health officials have said were getting in the duration when a possible post-Thanksgiving rise would start to show up in the data.

The 11,101 new validated and possible coronavirus cases reported Thursday is the highest day-to-day total considering that 12,542 cases were reported Dec. 1. Its also the very first time in 6 days that the case count topped 10,000. Thats partially attributable to the highest variety of test results over the previous 24 hours since Dec. 1.

12:07 p.m.: Chicago Bears are set to resume practice Thursday afternoon after closing Halas Hall in the morning due to the fact that of a favorable COVID-19 test

Players already had begun dripping into Halas Hall early Thursday when the Bears got the favorable outcome. The person who tested favorable was alerted and put into isolation, and the team sent gamers and staff home “with an abundance of caution,” coach Matt Nagy stated. He then held a virtual group meeting to inform them of the scenarios.

The Chicago Bears paused all in-person activities and closed Halas Hall on Thursday early morning after a private checked favorable for COVID-19– the teams 4th favorable test today– but were set to go back to practice in the afternoon.

The Bears carried out conferences practically in the early morning and rescheduled their 1:10 p.m. practice for 2:30 p.m.

11:39 a.m.: COVID-19 pandemic relief set to expire in Illinois as Congress works out aid package. Heres what to know.

As Congress negotiates a fresh round of coronavirus relief, the clock is ticking on several types of federal aid, however there is still help readily available in Illinois.

While numerous federal programs connected to the March bundle are set to expire later this month, other kinds of pandemic relief have been extended in Illinois.

Find out more here.– Robert Channick, Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Abdel Jimenez, Ryan Ori, Lauren Zumbach

Heres the help thats still available.

11:15 a.m.: How COVID-19 is ravaging home finances in the Chicago location and Illinois, in 5 charts

The coronavirus pandemic has actually forced employers of all sizes to shrink their operations or shut down, momentarily or for great. Laid-off workers in turn have less cash to spend at other organizations. The health crisis has sunk the nations economy into an economic crisis, and despite promising news about vaccines, much stays unpredictable.

Since mid-April, the U.S. Census Bureau has actually consistently surveyed adults to see how households have been affected by the pandemic, both economically and socially.

The newest study on the state of family finances shows continued stress over task security and shows who is bearing the impact of the recession in your area.

11:01 a.m.: Six Flags Great America adds drive-thru to Holiday in the Park

Starting Wednesday and on choose days through Jan. 18, Great America will permit customers to have, “a very unusual chance to drive around inside the park,” stated the parks president Hank Salemi.

Automobiles are allowed to drive through the park up to 3 miles per hour following a designated route.

Its called Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru, and it will not overlap with the Holiday in the Park Lights walk-through experience, which opened Nov. 27 and operates on select days through Dec. 30.

Six Flags Great America has actually just developed a new way to experience its 3rd yearly Holiday in the Park Lights.

10:55 a.m.: Second stimulus check updates: Trumps primary COVID-19 relief negotiator sees a great deal of progress on $900 billion-plus plan

But a one-week extension of a potential government shutdown appears to have actually sapped some urgency from the talks. The only must-do measure today is the short-term government-wide financing costs that passed the House on Wednesday and needs to clear the Senate prior to Friday at midnight to prevent a possible partial closure.

” I have had a bunch of conversations. I spoke to senators on both sides last night, this early morning,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated. “We had a very efficient call yesterday with a great deal of individuals. So I believe were making a lot of development.”

President Donald Trumps top arbitrator on COVID-19 relief said Thursday there was headway on a $900 billion-plus plan and he cited resemblances in between the latest administration offer and an emerging measure from a bipartisan group of senators.

10:27 a.m.: Incredible landmark: Advocate Aurora doctors thrilled as COVID-19 vaccine approval is more detailed to truth

” The fact that this vaccine was able to be developed in such a brief duration of time is among the great scientific accomplishments of our time,” he said.

Citronberg said the healthcare facilities are working to identify the individuals who spend the most time working in locations where COVID-19 exists, particularly in intensive care units and on COVID-19 floorings.

Physicians at Advocate Aurora Health System on Thursday morning revealed enjoyment at the possibility of an imminent emergency use permission by the FDA of Pfizers COVID-19 vaccine, and looked ahead to vaccine prepare for the systems 26 medical facilities.

Still, the health system is in the procedure of focusing on which employee will have the ability to be inoculated initially, as the dosages will be restricted. It will not be mandatory.

An FDA advisory committee was satisfying Thursday to go over the vaccine trial information before making a recommendation to the company, which might issue an approval not long after the conference.

” This is an extraordinary landmark,” said Dr. Robert Citronberg, executive medical director of Infectious Disease and Prevention at Advocate Aurora Health. “Its the ticket out.”

Citronberg stated he did not have last numbers on the number of dosages each medical facility will initially get, and noted that Illinois and Wisconsin have different structures for distribution.

The health system has healthcare facilities in Illinois and Wisconsin, and is dealing with both states to get dosages once the FDA approves emergency usage. Initial information of the Pfizer vaccine launched on Tuesday looked promising.

9:50 a.m.: Illinois colleges and universities suffer registration losses after pandemic interruptions

Overall undergraduate registration at Illinois universities and colleges is down by 7.2% this fall compared to last year, even worse than the national reduction of 4.4% tape-recorded as trainees went back to school during the coronavirus pandemic, according to state date provided this week.

While graduate enrollment climbed up by 1.5% at both public and personal institutions, it wasnt enough to offset undergraduate losses. General post-secondary enrollment in Illinois came by 5.4% this year, data from the Illinois Board of Higher Education reveals.

Neighborhood colleges suffered the most, with a 13.7% reduction in trainees, and brand-new freshman and transfer student populations dropped substantially.

However not all the news was bad.

9:54 a.m.: Suburban Blue Nose Brewery closing when the beer runs out due to coronavirus pandemic economic toll

Blue Nose co-founder Jordan Isenberg stated in an interview that he made the choice in late October, after the state bought suburban Cook County restaurants and bars to close for indoor company for a 2nd time to stem the spread of COVID-19. He kept the choice largely to himself while winding down the company, he stated.

Small southwest suburban Blue Nose Brewery is closing due to the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, its co-founder said this week.

8:10 a.m.: FDA conference on vaccines today is essential day for America, commissioner states

The FDA head hopes it will lead to the start of the end of the pandemic and a return “to a more typical and healthy life.”

Commissioner Stephen Hahn says Thursdays conference of the Food and Drug Administrations vaccine advisory panel is “a crucial day for all of America.”

7 a.m.: The year that remained in Chicago music was one that, because of a pandemic, was like no other

The show should go on, even if there are no shows. That is the best lesson of Chicago music in 2020 In a year where culture as weve understood it was relatively shut down overnight, Chicagos music scene continued to make it through, albeit in a various way than weve come to expect.

Regardless of the guarantee of our pre-pandemic world, the state of Chicago music was currently in a complicated place. Long simmering problems plagued the citys music scene, from potential closures of independent music locations to a mass exodus of young artists seeking greater fame, fortune and chance on the coasts. Much like how the pandemic shined a light on societys racial and economic difficulties, it also revealed the fragility of the country and the citys home entertainment community as a whole.

One can not ignore the social, economic and cultural ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the citys music scene. Unlike restaurants and retailers which found methods to recover (nevertheless momentarily) as lockdown constraints alleviated in the summer months, music venues remain closed for the foreseeable future.

5 a.m.: Pandemic, civil discontent drive record-shattering boost in firearm authorizations, weapon shopping in Illinois in 2020.

Illinois homeowners bought more guns and gotten more gun permits in 2020 than at any other time in history, according to statistics launched Wednesday by state cops.

” Its a reflection of the great offer of unease and a reflection of the stress we have in this state and across the nation,” Illinois State Police Director Brendan Kelly stated. “Its undeniable.”

The state likewise has received a record 445,945 applications for firearm owners identification cards since November 2020, a 167% dive from the 166,649 applications in 2017. The Illinois State Police did not launch numbers for any other years however stated the 2020 applications “blew past” a previous surge in 2013 after concealed bring licenses were first provided.

With events during this unmatched year driving the need, there had actually been more than 500,000 serious questions to date about acquiring guns, authorities said, representing a 45% boost over 2019.

5 a.m.: Tenants advocates, real estate market gear up for clash over proposed Cook County domestic renter, proprietor ordinance

The proposal, dubbed the Residential Tenant Landlord Ordinance, brought by county commissioners Scott Britton and Kevin Morrison, would seal heightened proprietor guidelines throughout the suburbs, where about 245,000 households are renters not covered by such codes that only exist in 3 cities in the county: Chicago, Evanston and Mount Prospect.

It is based on the city of Chicagos own code that has actually guided leases because 1986, much to the ire of some property owners who say it suppresses the market and overreaches.

A simmering dispute between tenants advocates and the property industry in Cook County is set to boil this month when a Board of Commissioners panel is expected to vote on a proposal to strengthen suburban tenants rights amid the pandemic-sparked real estate crisis.

During a virtual news conference on Tuesday, fans of the proposed Cook County regulation said while the need for rural renters to have such protections constantly has actually existed, the feared expulsion wave from the coronavirus pandemic makes the stakes all the more extreme.

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Here are five things that happened Wednesday related to COVID-19:

The person who checked favorable was notified and put into seclusion, and the team sent gamers and personnel home “with an abundance of caution,” coach Matt Nagy stated. The coronavirus pandemic has actually forced employers of all sizes to shrink their operations or shut down, temporarily or for good. The health crisis has actually sunk the nations economy into a recession, and in spite of promising news about vaccines, much stays unpredictable.

I spoke to senators on both sides last night, this early morning,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said. Much like how the pandemic shined a light on societys racial and financial troubles, it likewise revealed the fragility of the city and the countrys entertainment neighborhood as a whole.

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