Monday, January 25, 2021

Developers roll out new COVID-19 test that also detects influenza and RSV –


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One of the screening sets administered by healthcare employees. (Photo: Courtesy: Lisa Carricaburu, ARUP) Barker thinks some patients may neglect the flu and RSV because COVID-19 is getting all the attention throughout the nation.
He states, “Usually, throughout the influenza season we would check for influenza initially, then if its not the flu, we try to find the other breathing viruses. COVID shifted that on us, so, this year we desired to make certain we were covering COVID.”
This specific test is administered in one of 2 methods. Healthcare employees can either use a deep nasal swab, or they can get samples from the back of the throat and inside the front of the nostrils. Barker says saliva tests arent efficient in finding influenza.

Paul Nelson

SALT LAKE CITY– A brand-new kind of COVID-19 test that can likewise detect influenza and RSV might relieve some of the concern of overcrowding some hospitals are facing.
Scientists at ARUP Laboratories are presenting a brand-new type of nasal swab test that can find 3 various respiratory illnesses with one exam.
With COVID-19 already triggering extreme strain on hospitals, doctors and nurses, health officials throughout Utah have been urging everybody to get their flu shot this year. Analysts at ARUP Laboratories say a huge influx of influenza clients might cripple the currently struggling hospital system.
Doctor Adam Barker, ARUP COVID-19 Rapid Response Lab Director, says we have not seen that lots of confirmed cases of influenza up until now, primarily because the preventative measures people are taking to avoid the spread of COVID-19 likewise work for other respiratory issues. Its too soon to know how bad influenza season will be.
” Were just starting into that season. Flu season normally starts in November, actually ramps up in December and January and it peaks in February,” Barker says.
Developers at ARUP and Thermo Fisher Scientific are offering healthcare facilities and clinics a new kind of test that can identify COVID-19, Influenza A/B and RSV, which is especially harmful in kids and older adults. Barker says not every cough is coronavirus-related, and treatment can vary extremely in between these 3 health problems.
Barker states, “All 3 of those health problems are very comparable when a patient contracts them.”
Patients will have to speak with their doctors to request this specific test, however, Barker says it would guarantee clients dont need to return for extra testing as soon as one disease has been eliminated.
” You can do one test at one time and get all the info at one time rather than bringing individuals back to the clinics and back to the healthcare facilities,” he states.

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