Saturday, February 27, 2021

Google adds feature to improve Pixel photos that is already found on the iPhone – PhoneArena


If you wish to take a top-down image (which simply suggests an image taken with the electronic camera above the topic at no angle allowing you to capture the leading surface area of the frame), hold your phone directly down to make 2 sets of crosshairs (+) indications appear. Change the phone until the white and yellow crosshairs are lying on top of each other.

According to Android Police, Google has actually recently enhanced the system it utilizes to make it much easier to take perfectly level pictures using the
Google Camera app. To take a photo that is level, youll require to make two level signs (one in yellow and one in white) appear. You can make these lines surface area by holding your phone still and upright. Attempt to adjust the cam up until both lines rest on top of each other developing a single yellow indication in vibrant. It indicates that you are holding your when this happens
Pixel level which is excellent for photos of well-known landmarks. Even better, if you own a.
Pixel 4 or later on you will feel a slight haptic feedback when the phone is perfectly level.

The crosshairs are also readily available to take level pictures on your iPhone. Line them up by moving the phone and youll have a level image.


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