Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Google might be working on a Pixel phone with an under-display camera – PhoneArena


Its too early to say that, given that Google releases its flagship phones in the second half of the year. That said, there is a small possibility that the next flagship will be released in.
March 2021. Regardless, we do not understand anything about Googles next smart device at the moment, except that it may feature an exclusive chipset.

Might Google be planning to take part on the next-gen trend with the.
Pixel 6? Well, its hard to say that on the basis of this patent, however it appears extremely unlikely.

Under-panel cameras are prone to light transmission problems, and this might affect image quality. Screen glare might be another issue due to the fact that of the difference in between the pixel-per-inch (PPI) of the sensing unit location and the rest of the screen.

For whats its worth,.
questionable images that appeared recently reveal a Pixel smart device lacking any sort of cutout or notch, sustaining rumors that a phone with an under-panel selfie snapper is in the works.

Design patents submitted by Google recommend future
Pixel mobile phones will feature an under-display front video camera, reports
Patently Apple (via.
The documents do not clearly discuss an under-screen video camera, the accompanying images show a phone thats all screen on the front. This indicates that Google is explore the idea..

The doctored picture of the supposed Pixel 5 Pro.

What can we anticipate from the Pixel 6?.

ZTE has currently launched a mobile phone with an under-display front shooter and Xiaomi and OPPO have actually demoed their prototypes. The.
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which will likely show up in the second half of 2021, is likewise expected to include the tech. Huawei has also.
confirmed that it prepares to release a phone with an under-display video camera in the future.

ZTEs Axon 20 5G is a graph of these worries. The performance of its selfie electronic camera is objectively inferior to standard shooters and the video camera area is likewise quite noticeable..


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