Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Here’s the Not-So-Subtle Way Taylor Swift Shaded Scooter Braun in Ryan Reynolds’ Ad – E! NEWS


It wouldnt be a Taylor Swift reveal without an Easter egg..

No, she had to slip in a savage recommendation to her feud with music supervisor Scooter Braun. After all, it was his purchase of her old Big Machine masters that inspired Swift to re-record her very first six albums, as soon as she was contractually permitted to do so starting in November 2020..

The super star blessed fans with a bit of her re-recorded version of “Love Story” in Ryan Reynolds new Match ad on Wednesday, Dec. 2. The amusing clip shows a devilish Satan falling in love with a woman called 2020, which the star called a “match made in hell.” Ah, pandemic humor..

If you look carefully at the Match advertisement, Satan and his fan take a selfie in front of an actual dumpster fire. Behind them, a discarded scooter rests on the ground in front of another blue dumpster.

Of course, this is the mastermind Taylor Swift were talking about, so she couldnt just silently drop the very first of her highly anticipated re-recordings and call it a day.

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