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If Samsungs Galaxy S21 gets this feature, there’s no reason for a Note 21 – TechRadar


According to the Head of Samsungs Mobile Communications organization, TM Roh, the company has actually been “focusing on peoples favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience and are delighted to add a few of its most well-loved features to other gadgets in our lineup”.
That does not explicitly confirm the Galaxy S21 series will end up being compatible with an S Pen stylus, however its heavily recommending that. The S Pen is the primary distinguishing element of the Note, and this likewise matches a range of other rumors weve heard.
In one method, it makes sense thinking about Samsung was already reported to be killing the Galaxy Note series. The S Pen stylus is that household of handsets defining function, and leakages suggest itll be included as an add-on for devices like future foldables, such as the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as well as the flagship Galaxy S line.
Why continue?

The Samsung Galaxy Note series might too drop in 2021. The last few years have actually seen it end up being ever more closely aligned with the Galaxy S family, and a brand-new hint recommending that the Samsung Galaxy S21 will work with the businesss stylus technology – the S Pen – makes me question why the business plans to make a Note 21 at all.

In an interview with Yonhap News (a South Korean news company) the source that works at Samsung said, “We are preparing to launch the Galaxy Note series next year.”
So what will be the Galaxy Note 21s specifying function? If the Galaxy S21 series and the Galaxy Z Fold 3 can support the S Pen, will the Note 21 simply be distinct due to the fact that it has a slot for the pen? That will not be reason enough to motivate individuals to buy it.
The Galaxy Note series utilized to be the larger brother or sister to the Galaxy S series. It comes later in the year with more impressive tech, an S Pen stylus, and – till recently – a bigger screen for those who want the most significant phone possible.
The initial Galaxy Note was arguably the stepping gadget that saw bigger phones become mainstream. It contributed in the intro of the expression phablet and it was even buffooned by some for its sheer size when it was revealed in 2011..
In 2020, the Galaxy S series includes a gadget thats suitable for those who want a substantial display.

Today, separately from that remark directly from Samsung, an authorities for the business, albeit anonymously, recommended – in contrast with some previous reports – that the Galaxy Note 21 is still occurring.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Image credit: Future) I didnt enjoy the Galaxy S20 Ultra as much as either the Galaxy S20 or Galaxy S20 Plus, and thats primarily since the S20 Ultras price was sky high. If youre ready to invest that, it includes a 6.9-inch screen (the very same size as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) and perhaps a better display screen in general.
Theres not much in it, however the Galaxy S20 Ultras screen is somewhat brighter and it has an ever so slightly greater resolution. That truly only left the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra with the S Pen to distinguish itself.
If Samsung continues with its plans – and I cant get through a day of work without a new Galaxy S21 Ultra rumor breaking – of a Galaxy S21 design with both a substantial screen and S Pen assistance, you might too select that rather than a Note 21.
As weve seen regularly from Samsung, the lines in between the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series are blurring ever further and we may quickly be at the stage where its uncertain why that second series even exists.
That stated, Samsung may have an absolutely game-changing moment with the Galaxy Note 21, by consisting of new top-end functions none people saw coming. Im hoping thats the case, but right now it seems the Galaxy S21 Ultra has eaten a huge bite of the Note 21 pie.

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