Wednesday, May 12, 2021

KFC made a bucket-shaped gaming PC that warms chicken – Engadget


If its ever developed, the KFConsole might be a quite speedy machine, as its equipped with an Intel Nuc9 Extreme Compute Element that we called “the brand-new king of small video gaming PCs.” It includes an ASUS-built hot-swappable NVIDIA GPU and Intel CPU (though Cooler Master didnt define which), along with a 1TB Seagate NVME SSD. Cooler Master claims that its VR ready, supports ray tracing and can deal with 4K TELEVISION gaming and frame rates approximately 240 fps.

The console wars are. Presenting the KFConsole. #PowerYourHunger— KFC Gaming( @kfcgaming) December 22, 2020 All those specs aside, the key differentiating feature is a chicken warmer that strongly looks like a grease tray. While the majority of video gaming PCs might technically warm chicken, this special chamber can heat up what looks like two small wings utilizing “natural heat and airflow,” according to Cooler Master. Theres the thorny concern of whether you d want more heat for the chicken or less so that your PC, you know, runs much better. Theres also no word on whether it ducts out the fried chicken fumes, as those could truly gunk up a PC.
The KFConsole now signs up with a special list of food and drink/PC crossovers, consisting of Bud Light, which put not only a PC but a projector inside a “six-pack.” Theres no word on when, or perhaps if, this PC will be sold, let alone any word on the price. Bear in mind, though, that a well-equipped Intel NUC9 Extreme costs $3,100 by itself, so youll actually need to like fried chicken memes to purchase one.

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