Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Musk says another SpaceX test flight set for Wed – Fox Business


Starship model Serial Number 8, or SN8 will attempt to reach about 50,000 feet altitude.

SpaceX might introduce its next test flight of a model of its Mars rocketship today, founder and president Elon Musk stated on Twitter on Sunday.

SpaceX introduced the prototype of its Mars rocketship hundreds of feet into the air, then landed it upright in previous effective test flights on Aug. 5– the prototypes predecessor SN5– and Sept. 3– the prototypes predecessor SN6.
The August flight of SN5 lasted hardly 45 seconds and reached just 500 feet at the southeastern suggestion of Texas near Brownsville, but was an essential first for SpaceXs Starship. Some earlier tests ended in surges on the pad.
” Mars is looking real,” Musk tweeted after the short hop. “Progress is speeding up.”

He tweeted worrying test fires and the planned schedule: “Just a static fire tomorrow. Flight no earlier than Wednesday.”

Theoretical physicist Michio Kaku talks about the post ponement of the SpaceX launch and the future of space travel.

Musk stated several more short hops are prepared before a test version of Starship goes for a high altitude. The most current test model is reasonably plain: It stands a full-blown 100 feet tall and looks like a steel silo– or stretched-out can– with a cap on top.
The private company plans to introduce reusable Starships atop still-in-the-works rockets, carrying freight or crew to low-Earth orbit, the moon and Musks finest location, Mars. The whole stack will stretch almost 400 feet.

The company is trying to establish Starship, which is designed to bring lots of individuals on long-range flight so that it would be possible to colonize Mars. Starship will be “the worlds most powerful launch vehicle ever developed,” according to the SpaceX site.

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