Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New Mexico to begin giving vaccinations at care facilities – KOB


Dr. Tracie Collins, Department of Health cabinet secretary, said people who have actually been vaccinated can still send and bring COVID-19, so its essential that they continue to use masks and take other safety measures such as washing their hands and distancing.

As of Saturday, the state said 3,591 residents in long-term care centers have been contaminated with COVID, and 638 individuals have died..

The statement noted that people receiving vaccinations will require two doses from the very same producer administered a number of weeks apart. The drug stores will send personnel to centers three times over the coming months to administer the vaccines.

State authorities said the preliminary of 31,000 doses will eventually be provided out at long-term care centers over the next four weeks.

” Which is why its important that we continue to wear our masks, prevent group gatherings, and follow the state public health orders. The outcome of not doing so is simply fatal for our senior citizens,” said Hotrum-Lopez.

“Sunday marks a significant day in our battle with this lethal pandemic. It signifies an action towards securing our elders and securing their safety,” said Katrina Hotrum-Lopez, cabinet secretary of the Aging and Long-Term Services Department.

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