Thursday, May 6, 2021

Pokemon released an official Pikachu ASMR video and its… something – CNET


Pika pika.
Often in life you get what you desire. Then there are the really wonderful minutes: When you get something incredible you didnt even know you desired.
Like an incredibly well-produced, 15 minute long Pikachu ASMR video launched on the official Pokemon YouTube channel..

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Is this heaven?

ASMR represents “Autonomous sensory meridian action”, but actually when we discuss ASMR were discussing the gigantic, massively growing genre of videos on YouTube developed to generate an ASMR action– a low grade ecstasy, tingling experiences, etc activated by audio..
And appearance– who among us doesnt like the noise of Pikachu running around a carpeted home, stating “pika pika” over and over. If anything Pikachu developed ASMR.
Personally, I desire a Bulbasaur ASMR video now.

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