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Porsches Boxster 25 Years Edition Has Exceptional Wheels – Jalopnik


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To celebrate the anniversary of the original Boxster going on sale in 1996, Porsche has unveiled a special edition Boxster 25 Years model. Only 1250 examples will be built, each based on the current GTS 4.0 model. That means a 394-horsepower 4-liter flat six and a 0-to-60 time as low as 3.8 seconds. It’ll be available with either a PDK or 6-speed stick transmission, but each and every one of them will have this gorgeous set of simple five-spoke bronze-finish wheels.

Porsche calls this bronze color Neodyme, which is used in several places on the special edition model. In addition to the wheels, it’ll be featured on the front grille, the side air inlets and all of the car’s exterior badging. It is described as being “a copper-like shimmering brown” and contrasts against any of three optional colors: GT Silver Metallic, Deep Black Metallic and Carrara White Metallic.

Given the choice, I’d have the black. Especially considering the interior and top of each of these Boxster 25 Years Porsches will be blood red. Oh yeah, that’d be extra nice. You can choose to have your interior and top be black, but that’s a choice only a coward would make.


Image: Porsche

It has been quite a while since Porsche built a wheel as fetching as this one. It doesn’t take much for a wheel to really pop, but a two-tone color palette is one way to do just that. The 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 is already an engaging shape, so it doesn’t need a fancy wheel design. This flat-faced five-spoke is perfectly understated. Just a little bit of flare-out as the spoke meets the wheel rim is all it needs.

Just absolutely phenomenal work by the designers of this one.

If you want one of these things, talk to your Porsche dealer ASAP, because they won’t last with just 1250 built. It won’t be cheap, however, as the 25 Years starts at $98,600 plus an extra $1,350 for delivery. Considering the standard 718 Boxster GTS 4.0 starts at $88,900, this anniversary package is a pretty hefty premium, but those wheels alone may be worth it.

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