Monday, June 21, 2021

Spider-Man: Miles Morales bug gives NYC the patio heater superhero it needs – Engadget


I discovered one in the brand-new Spider-Man game, where I turned into a patio area heating unit for no evident factor.— Andy H (@DoctorCuriosity) November 27, 2020

Character design maker Xavier speculated that this may come from the sheer demands of the game engines technique to streaming content. Miles Morales characters might be taxing the RAM enough that the engine swaps in another model already filled in an offered memory address. The software wasnt initially developed to manage somebody swinging through a virtual New York City at breakneck speeds, to put things another way.
Its not the simplest bug to find, and we would not be surprised if Insomniac patches it out soon (if not currently). For now, though, its an extra laugh in a video game that currently has an excellent sense of humor.

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