Thursday, June 24, 2021

The century-long quest for worldwide wireless power – The Verge


Today, naturally, we reside in a profoundly wired world. Over-the-air interaction is common. With a handful of exceptions like toothbrushes and cellphones, we still send and receive electrical power through wires.

See the video above to discover out.

In 1902, well known developer and futurist Nikola Tesla set up shop on Long Island to begin work on his grandest experiment. He pictured the construction of an around the world cordless power delivery system: a network of towers that could light up cities, send communications, and even power airplane in the sky, all without wires. On the premises of his laboratory, he developed the very first model transmission device, a huge structure that came to be known as the Wardenclyffe Tower.

We traveled to Wardenclyffe to examine out the remains of the laboratory and to talk to a couple of engineers and physicists about what Tesla had incorrect and right. It turns out there is some alluring development occurring in the world of cordless power transfer today.

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