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The true price of a PlayStation 5 – The Verge


Retail Price.

As weve gone over consistently at The Verge, all of these items are virtually impossible to purchase at an actual shop for their market price right now. Unless youre fortunate, have connections, or want to pay for bots or scalpers, you might not have the ability to find one at all– and sellers have do not have the right incentives to fix that.

$ 675.

$ 499.

Im still leaning against selling my PS5 on eBay; I similar to the idea of trading it for an AMD RX 6800, like I recommended in my review, but its no simpler to discover that GPU; it appears like I d require many of the gains I d see from offering the console to buy the card on eBay, too.

$ 649.

Retail Price.

This pattern has played out lot of times before, and its likely that supply will ultimately catch up. Typically, these business do not intentionally produce shortage, even if it felt like that to me in early 2008 when I encamped in a freezing Best Buy parking area for a Nintendo Wii a complete year after that console introduced.

Nvidia RTX 3090.

$ 841.

$ 399.

AMD RX 6800.

However we are living through unmatched times today, with companies like Microsoft and Nvidia signifying it may be months before things even out. I cant remember a holiday season with this lots of essential products, either: Tickle Me Elmo, early Power Rangers and that Nintendo Wii were normally one-offs!

Nvidia RTX 3080.

$ 835.

Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti.

Its easily worth double that on eBay: I averaged the real final sale cost of a hundred PS5s, deducting a few sketchy outliers, to arrive at a street price of $1,024. If theres an intense area for would-be console purchasers, its that not every PS5 and Xbox listed on eBay is really offering, even if quite a few are. In terms of volume, the PS5 and new Xboxes each moved around 1,000 units on eBay on December 3rd alone, but some $1,000 PS5 and $850 Xbox Series X listings ran out the clock without getting offered. (Most PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S appeared to be offering, however there were also far less of them noted than the disc-based designs.).

Street Price.

We like to believe weve got some quick, savvy dealhunters on personnel, but many of us are still struggling to discover a new GPU, PS5, or Xbox.

Best Buy was a particular delight:.

$ 1,024.


If theres an intense spot for potential console purchasers, its that not every PS5 and Xbox noted on eBay is actually offering, even if quite a couple of are. In terms of volume, the PS5 and brand-new Xboxes each walked around 1,000 units on eBay on December 3rd alone, however some $1,000 PS5 and $850 Xbox Series X listings ran out the clock without getting sold. (Most PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S seemed to be selling, but there were also far less of them noted than the disc-based models.).

$ 579.

Xbox Series S.

$ 990.

I ran the exact same numbers for the PS5 Digital Edition, the new Xboxes and all 6 graphics cards. Here are the results:.


$ 819.

$ 471.

On the PC side of things, the new Nvidia and AMD graphics cards appear to be in incredibly short supply evaluating by eBay listings, though. Practically each and every single card I saw discovered a purchaser, conserve the most exorbitantly priced RTX 3090s– and even there, there were a handful of $2,400 and $2,500 sales for whats nominally a $1,500 GPU.

$ 1,232.

PS5, Xbox, GPU street prices: Holiday 2020.

PS5 (disc).

Its likewise fun to see GameStop and Newegg “restock” these products– where “restock” indicates upselling us on packages with undesirable bonus. Can you blame them, however, when eBay reveals even those buyers could get their cashs worth based on the present supply and demand?

And its not just the PlayStation 5– I discovered that Xbox Series X and S, Nvidias RTX 3090, 3080, 3070, and 3060 Ti graphics cards, and AMDs competing RX 6800 and 6800 XT GPUs are all commanding incredibly high prices on the resale market. It no longer surprises me how each big ticket vacation video gaming device sells out nigh-instantly anytime theyre restocked; the incentive for scalpers is just too high.

$ 699.

This previous week Ive been watching eBay, attempting to choose if I must sell my PS5. I would not dream of becoming a scalper, however its getting difficult to ignore simply how much its worth.

$ 1,227.

$ 1,499.

$ 299.

Nvidia RTX 3070.

$ 399.

Image by Tom Warren/ The Verge.

PS5 (digital).

I didnt weed out any open-box or utilized consoles to get to these numbers, and you can quickly see how strong the PS5s need remains in particular: even the PS5 Digital Edition (without the disc drive) is worth almost as much as the disc variation that retails for $100 more.

The scarcities feel really real: possibly a hundred RTX 3080 cards altered hands on December 3rd, even fewer RTX 3070 cards, and just 27 of the new AMD cards dripped down to eBay purchasers that day.

$ 2,076.

$ 499.

$ 499.

Xbox Series X.

AMD RX 6800 XT.

We like to think weve got some fast, savvy dealhunters on personnel, however a number of us are still having a hard time to discover a brand-new GPU, PS5, or Xbox. Each and every supposed opportunity to buy is another shitshow. “Coming soon” is usually immediately followed by “Out of stock,” and if we really handle to get one into our digital shopping cart because blink of an eye, itll frequently vanish before checkout. The December 2nd launch of the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti was no exception, with sellers failing to go for the scheduled time and others preceded they in fact seemed in stock.

Street Price.

Example: The full-fat PlayStation 5 with a disc drive retails for $499.99. Its easily worth double that on eBay: I balanced the real final sale rate of a hundred PS5s, subtracting a couple of questionable outliers, to arrive at a street price of $1,024. Mind you, thats not the asking rate: thats what people are in fact paying for these consoles.

While scanning through, I also saw that including extra games, controllers or accessories isnt even needed: often it was enough to validate an extra $100 or $200, however a PS5 didnt need one to rake in $1K or more. (Some Xboxes with extra accessories appeared to be worth $50 to $100 more than others, however people are plainly purchasing for the consoles themselves.) All this implies unless the circumstance changes dramatically, the scalping isnt going to stop anytime soon.

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