Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Waterfield Designs AirPods Max case actually protects your headphones – Engadget


Simply like the cases that come with the majority of other noise-canceling earphones, the Shield Case folds closed around the AirPod Max and zips up, providing complete security. You can keep the headphones on their own or with Apples case, if youre into that for some reason.
Waterfield Designs Theres also a smart AirPods Max-specific function on the within: A magnetic “butterfly” separates the 2 ear cups and sets off the headphones low-power mode. While the AirPods Max eventually enter into low-power mode, its good that Waterfields Shield Case duplicates the only beneficial feature because Apple developed into its own case.
On the outside, two zippers close up the Shield Case, which indicates you can leave it open somewhat and plug the AirPod Max in to charge them up. The case also has two more pouches on the outside: One mesh back pocket for fast access and a zippered front pocket for things that you desire to secure.
Waterfield Designs Ive used Waterfield items for years, so Ill admit that Im perhaps prejudiced– however I likewise have the experience to know that they typically make truly wise choices in their designs, whether its a general-purpose laptop computer bag or a case made for a specific gizmo like this one. Waterfields Shield Case looks like a smartly-designed item for earphones that absolutely need more protection than Apple deals.

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