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Whats The Best (Or Worst) Gaming Gift Youve Ever Received? – Kotaku


A thing of charm. A masterpiece. An officially licensed Sanrio product.Photo: Mike Fahey

Its Monday and time for Ask Kotaku, the weekly function in which Kotaku-ites intentional on a single burning question. Then, we ask your take.
This week we Ask Kotaku: Whats the best (or worst) video gaming gift youve ever gotten?

This ones easy. For years my family has been conditioned to the truth that if I want a video game, I purchase a computer game. Ill find a way to manage hardware if I want hardware. Ive been blessed with the means to get the important things I wanted, but there was one piece of hardware that constantly eluded me: the clear pink Japanese Hello Kitty Dreamcast.
Its not that the special-edition console, which came packaged with a pink VMU, keyboard, and a Hello Kitty typing game, was particularly expensive. I didnt require another one, no matter how stunning it is.
Enter my moms and dads. In 2018, with nothing useful on my Christmas desire list, I suggested they search eBay for my pink plastic reward. Heavily assisted by my partner (my moms and dads are in their 70s and 80s), they handled to come through, even if they needed to do it in 2 transactions since they got their eBay auctions mixed up.

2014, the previously times. What even was going on at that time? Riley developed a computer system, was one thing.Photo: Riley MacLeod

For years my household has been conditioned to the truth that if I want a video game, I purchase a video game. Prior to that I d been playing things on a gaming laptop computer that burned itself out actually quick, and I replaced it with a maker I could work on but not play video games with. Having a gaming PC was great for my then-freelance career, because I could play video games I couldnt previously, and that absolutely helped me land this task, so its really been the gift that keeps on offering.

The daddy of one family– everyone was hetero!– was always buying the newest tech gear, consisting of video games, and at some point began to gift my fam his hand-me-downs when the latest and biggest sapped his interest in the old and recognized.
It included 15 or 20 cartridges, primarily video games (one was the programming language BASIC). I quickly grew connected to the unusual Atari 8-bit variations of Donkey Kong, Robotron 2084, Centipede, Missile Command, Star Raiders (I remember achieving the end-game score “area janitor”), and the ultimate trick gem, River Rescue. I even played a great deal of Ms. Pac-Man, a video game I dont care for today, due to the fact that I was absolutely fascinated by anything and everything that delighted the wonderfully radiant phosphors of a TELEVISION screen.
That was it: I was officially a computer game kid. Around 15 years later on, this kind guys last tech present– this time to me straight– would be his old Neo Geo AES console, which reeked of cigarettes. It was a rad surprise but the smell was so unbearable I traded it away for a copy of, weirdly, PC Engine Tatsujin. (Which, even more weirdly, appears to be worth more than an AES now.).
My other best gaming present should be the NES. Despite my Atari love affair I was slow to cotton on to there being other, more recent video game systems. In the summer season of 1987 or 1988 I stayed with some cousins and they had a NES along with a lots of the typical early games: Kung-Fu, Super Mario Bros., Double Dribble, Ice Hockey, etc.
As for worst gaming present, one time I asked my grandma for NES Friday the 13th, one of the more notoriously bad video games for the system, after I had actually currently leased it when. Kids are inexplicable often.

He still has the cart! It looks really joyful here.Photo: Ethan Gach.

Thats my initial NES and a not-my-original, somewhat updated Atari 800 gifted me by a kind traditional video gaming pal who knew my geek origin story.Photo: Alexandra Hall

What kid wants snow boots for a birthday present? Its a gift rooted in usefulness, without an ounce of fun.
Yeah, for my something-th birthday (great shot; telling you the precise number will immediately carbon-date me), my mom bought me snow boots. A practical gift, sure, but not exactly a cool one.
Turns out, my mother tucked a copy each of the 2 new Pokémon versions, Gold and Silver, into each boot. Less cool was the condition that, once I chose one, I d have to devote and play it all the way through to the Elite Four before beginning the other. And I didnt get frostbite strolling there, either.

— was constantly purchasing the newest tech gear, consisting of video games, and at some point started to gift my fam his hand-me-downs when the newest and greatest sapped his interest in the old and recognized. It came with 15 or 20 cartridges, mostly games (one was the programs language BASIC).

Dramatization.Photo: Luca9257 (Shutterstock).

In 1998 I got a magenta Game Boy Color and Pokémon Yellow. My own portable to sit and play games alone in whatever little corner of the world I desired. One Christmas, two systems.
But my preferred gaming gift of all came back in 1995. I think it was the year we got a Super Nintendo. My moms and dads handed me a huge bundle, too big to be a video game. It appeared like it might be clothes. I half-heartedly tore the wrapping paper to reveal a black box with a big yellow starfish on it. “EarthBound.” Earth-what? I had no idea what it was. My moms and dads chose it up on clearance from the nearby BEST outlet store that had gone out of company. The sticker stated $19.99.
I began playing later that day. At one point I cut whatever up to make collages to hang on my wall. Possibly one day theyll make their way back to me.

Prior to that I d been playing stuff on a gaming laptop computer that burned itself out truly quickly, and I replaced it with a maker I might work on but not play video games with. Having a gaming PC was fantastic for my then-freelance profession, due to the fact that I might play video games I couldnt in the past, and that definitely assisted me land this task, so its really been the present that keeps on giving.

Its simple: The finest video gaming present I ever got was a Sega Genesis. I remember at the time thinking this was the best, most incredible console ever. I didnt have gaming publications or YouTube to tell me otherwise. This Sega Genesis console in my home was incredible and I could play a Power Rangers video game on it. (That was also the very first game I ever beat, by the method.).
Gaming back in the mid- 90s, like today, was very pricey. My folks would purchase my bro and I older consoles and games. It likewise indicates I grew up playing stuff on the Atari 2600 and NES, even though I was born years after those consoles were new or pertinent.
As I grew up this strategy would ultimately end up being unsustainable, as I started finding out more about the hobby and asking for newer consoles and games. However for different reasons, I never ever got another Christmas-gift console after that Genesis. It holds an unique location in my heart and is quickly my finest gaming present ever.

How About You?
Looking back, what was the finest games-related present youve ever received? Or, if you desire to dish, the worst? Well be back next Monday in 2 weeks to discuss and ponder on another nerdy issue.

When people say the Xbox controller was big, I roll my eyes. Like brother, have you seen Sega.Photo: Frederic J. Brown (Getty Images).

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