Monday, March 1, 2021

With over 500,000 COVID cases, L.A. at catastrophic levels – Los Angeles Times


Officials fear the circumstance will just aggravate as more people who may have been exposed to the infection during the Thanksgiving holiday become ill. There is still hope that a new stay-at-home order will eventually make a distinction, but that will take weeks before any distinction is seen.

At this moment, Ferrer said, “its not a question of if well see a large increase of deaths and hospitalizations,” however a question of how extreme the numbers will get.
” We can not reverse whats already been done, and collectively, were going to all pay a very high rate for the actions we were taking in the past,” she said.
The regrettable reality, she stated, is that “what were seeing today is not the worst that were going to experience.”
” I believe the concern today is this is what we would call the Thanksgiving rise … now we have a rise on top of a surge,” she said. “And its really difficult for us to calculate precisely what were visiting over the next week or 2.”

The COVID-19 crisis hit what Los Angeles County officials called “uncharted territory” Friday, as the daily case count surged significantly to 13,815 and overall cases topped 500,000, the current indications that the virus is spreading out with relentless speed.
” Were on a really unsafe track to see unprecedented and disastrous suffering,” stated L.A. County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. “At this point, were seeing daily varieties of cases and hospitalizations that weve not knowledgeable and, frankly, did not prepare for.”
The surge in cases is triggering hospitals to see a work on clients and some intensive care systems to reach capability. Since Thursday, there were 3,850 hospitalized COVID-19 patients, including 856 in ICU beds– both records.
The variety of people hospitalized in L.A. County with coronavirus infections has doubled because Thanksgiving and quadrupled in the last month, when there were 942 coronavirus-infected patients in L.A. County health centers on Nov. 11.

Moving on, she said, all homeowners should take actions to protect themselves from infection– consisting of staying at home as much as possible and preventing mixing with those they do not live with.
” Make the option today and every day throughout December that youre going to protect yourself, youre going to secure your pals and loved ones and youre going to safeguard the good friends and enjoyed ones of other people,” Ferrer said.
Its too early to consider extra limitations on organizations and activities on top of whats already in location countywide, the health director said. The focus at this point is prompting individuals to follow the rules that are currently in place.
” I think what we have today would work if we had nearly everyone doing it. I think it will slow the rise,” she said. “We just need everyone to begin doing what they need to be doing.”

The health problem is clearly spreading into a selection of neighborhoods like never ever previously.
L.A. County officials this week released information showing big jumps in coronavirus cases in lots of communities in the San Gabriel Valley, the South Bay, the Westside and central Los Angeles. Neighborhoods that saw a more than 200% increase in coronavirus cases in between late September and late November include Silver Lake, Claremont, Rosemead, San Gabriel, South El Monte, Hawthorne, Palms, Westchester, Lennox and parts of South Los Angeles.

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