Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Xiaomi Mi 11 launch date confirmed, but dont bother tuning in for the live event – TechRadar


So, when could this second occasion be? The Xiaomi Mi 10 global launch happened 6 weeks after its Chinese one, so perhaps well see the Xiaomi Mi 11 in late January or early February. Just time will inform.
If youre desperate to understand what the Xiaomi Mi 11 will resemble, TechRadar will tune into the Chinese event and bring you all the pertinent details, so stay tuned on December 29 for that.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 was one of the most expected phones of 2021 – we state was because, as it turns out, its actually coming in 2020.

On Chinese social networks platform Weibo, Xiaomi confirmed its Mi 11 line of smart devices, the next generation of its flagship line, will release on December 28 at 7:30 pm CST (1:30 pm GMT, 8:30 am ET, 5:30 am PT). Thats a day earlier than reports were suggesting, and months earlier than the February launch precedent would recommend.
The event teaser was light on information of the phone apart from confirming its name as the Xiaomi Mi 11, so were going to have to wait and see what the handset appears like, and the number of siblings itll feature. However, if youre a huge tech fan and you like tuning into phone launch occasions you may desire to avoid this one.

China-only in the meantime
Similar to most, but not all, Xiaomi phone launches, the Xiaomi Mi 11 unveiling is a China-only event. Text and spoken language will remain in Mandarin, and region-specific details like schedule and rate will only be offered China. If you speak the language, the event will make sense for you but if not tuning in may be a confusing experience.
That doesnt imply the phone will only come out in China – Xiaomi often hosts subsequent international launches where it reveals prices in many other currencies. We might also discover out which handsets are concerning which countries – Xiaomi tends to release a random selection of phones in markets like the UK.

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